About Our Campus

The O’Neil Group Company, LLC

A native of Colorado Springs, Kevin O’Neil has balanced his entrepreneurial efforts with a commitment to paying it forward. Mr. O’Neil launched his first company in 1982 and since that time, he has grown a diverse business portfolio that includes wholesale lighting, mechanical contracting, graphics design, medical waste services, real estate brokerage and development, property management, construction, textiles, aerospace engineering, cyber space, small business consulting and most recently, software technology.

Kevin has surrounded himself with an invaluable group of partners and executives to form The O’Neil Group Company, LLC (OGC). Today OGC includes Maury Keller, a Certified Public Accountant and business-minded professional who has been with Kevin from the inception of OGC. Ron Voss, an attorney with experience in intellectual property, business transactions and litigation joined OGC in 2012. Ingrid Richter, a commercial real estate broker and experienced economic development professional became an invaluable member of the team in 2014 and spearheads the Catalyst Campus effort as Executive Director.

Since 2008, Mr. O’Neil and the O’Neil Group partners (OGC) have successfully launched an “economic gardening” model through the facilitation of both the acquisition of numerous companies, as well as the relocation and integration of these companies into the fabric of the Colorado Springs business community – all for the economic benefit of Colorado’s Front Range. Several of these companies provide services and support to the aerospace and defense industry.

Mr. O’Neil’s vision and passion has led him to leverage his business knowledge and expertise to create and privately fund Catalyst Campus, a comprehensive infrastructure platform to expand the local aerospace and defense industrial base. Catalyst Campus is a brick and mortar facility where small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups are mentored, nurtured, supported and promoted to customers allowing them to grow.

OGC has also been integral in the acquisition and management of over 300,000 square feet of prime real estate in downtown Colorado Springs; often times transforming blighted properties into Class A commercial real estate. This includes the renovation and historic preservation of a blighted, 100-year old train depot, now known as Catalyst Campus.

Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation

The vision of Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation is to leverage an economic development cluster strategy that capitalizes on the competitive advantage of Colorado’s aerospace, defense and homeland security, advanced manufacturing, electronics, cybersecurity and information technology industries to expand the region’s industrial base and create a distinctive position for Colorado Springs to compete in the regional, national and global aerospace, defense and technology economies. Located in downtown Colorado Springs, the campus currently spans ~8 acres and boasts 135,000+ SF of commercial space.

Catalyst Campus is designed as a collaborative ecosystem where industry, small business, workforce training, entrepreneurs, start-ups and venture capital intersect with the diverse resources of Southern Colorado create community, spark innovation and stimulate business growth. The mission of Catalyst Campus is to be a leading-edge incubator, accelerator and research and development facility offering small to medium-sized businesses a scalable infrastructure platform that promotes technology advancement and guides technology transfer from the government to the commercial market and vice versa.

501(c)(6) – Southern Colorado Technology Alliance

The mission of the Southern Colorado Technology Alliance (SCTA) is to promote, support and nurture the aerospace, defense, and their dependent supply-chain industries in Southern Colorado and along Colorado’s Front Range. SCTA is a 501(c)(6) member-based, non-profit designed to leverage the passion and innovative spirit found in small businesses to collaborate, create, prototype, develop and deliver solutions for complex problems, quickly, reliably, and affordably. SCTA accelerates business growth by providing a platform to remove barriers and increase opportunities for members to bid on government and commercial contracts.

SCTA’s collaborative ecosystem offers entrepreneurs and businesses access to opportunities and military and industry leaders by building relationships that increase opportunities for teaming arrangements and potentially enhance contract eligibility. The alliance relies on medium and large-size businesses to mentor small businesses through the challenges of operating a business. SCTA recruits companies willing to collaborate with others in an open environment by protecting the collective best interests and intellectual property of the membership.

SCTA facilitates peer-to-peer networking and relationship building via a myriad of learning programs, CEO forums, social hours and partnership opportunities that offer the chance to foster trust between companies, stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace, and promote statewide connectivity. SCTA promotes the unique resources of Southern Colorado as an economic force on the state and national political scene and supports political advocacy and dialogue with decisions makers while providing a unified voice for advanced technology industries to include aerospace, defense, homeland security, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and electronics. Members are the leading voices for the advanced technology industry needs.

501(c)(3) – Center for Innovation, Technology, Research and Commercialization

The mission of the Center for Innovation, Technology, Research and Commercialization (C-TRAC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit is to promote and support innovation, technology, research and commercialization through collaborative partnerships with industry, education, military and research organizations across the country and multiple industry sectors. C-TRAC’s overarching purpose is to serve as a platform that brings together government, education institutions, and industry, to collaborate on technology innovation and maturation, to create products for the market and to provide skill training in new technologies. Commercialization of government-owned intellectual property will create opportunities for collaboration between industry and researchers that contributes to Southern Colorado’s reputation as a hub for aerospace, defense and cybersecurity technology, as well as provide regional employment opportunities.

C-TRAC focuses on Technology Transfer (T2) projects that utilize various contract vehicles to engage with military organizations, federal laboratories, and research institutions to ensure technological developments are accessible for industry to exploit into new products, processes, applications, materials and services. The non-profit organization received a $2,000,000 award from the Department of the Air Force to commercialize many Air Force created technologies. C-TRAC will guide and support defense diversification through collaborative research projects led by teams of researchers and industry advisors, as well as workforce training programs that will advance technologies to address unmet or poorly met market needs to expand and enhance the competitiveness of small businesses.

C-TRAC supports the vision of the Air Force Academy CyberWorx program by partnering industry with CyberWorx for the facilitation of technology transfer and transition. C-TRAC manages an efficient and robust program to identify, vet and rapidly assemble teams to participate in CyberWorx projects focused on the development of innovative game-changing technologies. C-TRAC’s current CyberWorx project is a semester-long design thinking course at the Air Force Academy. This course is a collaborative effort between Air Force Academy cadets, military, university, and industry leaders to design and refine command and control (C2) relationships of Cyber Squadrons lending to the operational success and improved cybersecurity of the Air Force’s core missions.